COVID Warmup / Stone Killer Redux

HOW DO I WARM UP IN 15 MINUTES OR LESS… Thanks to homeschool and spousal work schedules, I have minimal time to warm up. On tour, I had enough downtime to do various hand and technique exercises and stretches for 2 hours if I wanted to. Of late, I have about 15 mins during the […]

Gaylord Birch

I love/hate the feeling of getting forced to reckon with and study a band or musician I’ve somehow overlooked. Pleasant surprises are nice and all, but that feeling of “WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS UNTIL NOW.” kinda sucks. This COVID sojourn has been very rewarding with these kinds of gifts. One player in […]

Go-go Research Part I

I was born in DC and grew up in a Virginia suburb about 20 minutes west. As a child of the 80s-90s, Go-go was this hyper-local sound that was always in the background. While there was a vibrant scene for it in the District, you didn’t find shows or hear much about it outside of […]

Hello + Willie Hall

This is my website. This is my blog, as apparently, I have decided to join you all in 2003.   Thanks Brendan Bond for building this site for me, it is beyond overdue, I owe you many sessions.   Like every other drummer post COVID, I am available to record your drum tracks at my […]

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